Photography by Frank Styburski Featured at Glen Lusby Interiors

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Photography by Frank Styburski

“Most of us react  primarily  to  visual  cues  in  our  environment.   It  may  be  color,  shape,  or a  situation  that triggers a response.   It  may  be  with  curiosity, or  with  familiarity.   When you  consider  the  relentless  clutter  of  images that we encounter in our daily routine, it is easy to dismiss much of the simultaneous information that we are asked to process at every moment. Much of my work is done in Chicago’s streets, where millions of my neighbors look at the same things that I do.    I try to see through the static,  and make sense of the deliberate messages,  and the accidental ones that are created from fragments of overlapping information. I try to isolate the elements of a situation that are interesting, intriguing, or beautiful,- by simplifying their context.   My aim is to make pictures that connect with my viewers in a  positive way.    My goal is to create images with impact,  that spark interest,  and  delight.   I like  to  focus  on  strong  color, shapes, contrast, abstraction and situational irony”.
Frank Styburski

Here are some brand new pictures that Frank just had to show you, right away!  Click on a picture to make it bigger.  Frank hopes that you like them.

This would be a good time to put on your sun glasses!  There is some pretty intense color in this section.  Just click on the pictures that you like to see larger versions.  Enjoy the color.

Relax and look around.  You’ve seen these things before-  You just haven’t seen them in this way.  Click on the picture to see a larger version.

There are some terrific pictures in this section.  I hope that you will spend a few minutes here.  Look around and enjoy and just click on the images that you like to see larger pictures.

These wonderful photographs come in two sizes. The larger photographs have a long dimension of approximately 15″.  The paper size is 13″ x 19″. The smaller photos have a long dimension of approximately 9 1/2″. The paper size is 8 1/2″ x 11″. All of the photos are printed with a black border, they can be shown, or concealed when the print is matted and framed. The larger prints are $70 without mats and frames, or $100 in mats and 17″x 21″ black, gallery frames.  Small prints and $50 without mats and frames, or $70 in mats and 13″x 17″ black, gallery frames.  Go to Frank’s website to order and see more, just click: FRANK STYBURSKI PHOTOGRAPHY.

We thought that you should know about Frank Stybursky Photography because we recognize his talent.  If you have any design questions or would like some assistance with placing some of these beautiful photographs in your home or commercial space please contact us at 773-761-6950 or click: Contact Glen Lusby Interiors

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Luxe interiors + design Magazine has placed us on their National Gold List for our work on a stunning & graceful Geneva Lake Home. The Luxe Magazine National Gold List represents interior designers, architects, builders, and landscape architects who had their projects featured in the “Home Features” editorial section of the Luxe interiors + design Magazine.  This magazine publishes the work of more design professionals than any other magazine of its type! To see more of this Geneva Lake design project go to: Gold List Geneva Lake Design Project

We would like to be your trusted consultant. It is for that reason we work closely with you to achieve your desires. In that way it is ensured we will take all facets of your project into consideration; creating solutions that are tailored to fit your needs.

Our special services include, upon request, drawings of detailed furnishing plans, showing concepts individually tailored to your project and the financial parameters.


Contact us with questions about your home, interior design or design services.  Call me at 773-294-2781 or just CLICK HERE to send an e-mail.  As long as you are here please see our “Best Picks” as well as our “Sale & Event’ pages, just click on the toolbar above. 







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