Best Picks Page – Updated & Redesigned

perfection1We invite you to see are totally redesigned and updated “Best Picks” page now with photos and website links. .       

This page brings you information about wonderful restaurants, companies and people we know.


Eve J. Alfille Gallery

As long as you are here and after you looked at all of our posts, the “Best Picks” page, please take a look at the  “Sale & Event’ page, on the toolbar above.  We also invite you to see the Glen Lusby Interiors website

Luxe interiors + design Magazine has placed us on their National Gold List for our work on a stunning & graceful Geneva Lake Home and we invite you to look at the article by clicking on the Luxe icon when you get to this page.

We look forward to using this vehicle to bring our friends news, tips and information about great people, places and things as we discover them. We encourage you to use this vehicle to interact with us; tell us what you like or just say hello.

Glen Lusby

Glen Lusby