Chris Heisinger – Glass Artist Specializing in Stained Glass Mosaics

Chris Heisinger is a talented artist specializing in stained glass mosaics.  Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Chris always found ways to express herself through her hard work.  While attending Northwestern University, she studied the arts and crafts movement, Native American and Chinese art history and this is that brings a unique flavor to her art pieces.

Chris has worked in acrylic, ceramic, photography, stained glass and mosaic tile.  Starting the late 1980s she developed her own artistic style with stained glass and began creating stained glass mosaics in 2002.

Chris’s traveled to various wild forests and wooded areas and was amazed by the beauty and the high energy of all those magnificent places.  It is in these places that she stops and becomes one with the environment.  For her the colors, sounds and smells are intense and profound. Chris takes these experiences and tries to capture the moment in time within her art.  Chris is also very aware of the fragility of nature and our ecosystem.  She tries to use as much recycled materials as possible within all of her artwork.

If you have interest in one of her pieces of art or would like to make a request for a custom piece, please contact Glen or Ross at 773-761-6950.  You can also contact us through our website on the “Contact Us” icon on the toolbar.

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