Our client has placed a large collection of Native American Plateau Bags up for sale. “These uniquely decorated bags were used for seasonal moves to river fishing camps, root gathering fields, mountain berry patches, and winter villages present the problem of transporting and storing food and personal belongings. On the Columbia Plateau, soft twined bags were essential for native peoples like the Nez Perce, Yakama, Umatilla, and others. Because of the labor and skill involved in their construction and design, and the beauty of the finished pieces, these baskets were prized possessions, passed on from tribe to tribe, family to family, and from one generation to the next.  Usually twined from the peeled, cured, and hand spun fibers of dogbane or silkweed (Apocynum cannabinum), the bags were decorated with contrasting-colored plant fibers. As Euroamericans began to settle in the region, new materials became available. As early as the 1830s, husks of corn were used as decorative overlay, and worsted wool yarn was probably introduced in the 1880s, along with aniline dyes to expand the available range of colors. Smaller purses were added to the repertoire”.  (Definition by The Museum of Natural and Cultural History)

To see more pictures of the Plateau Bags or for information regarding purchase of the Plateau Bags, please go to our contact page and email or call us with any questions:   Contact Page

Shown here is a sample of Plateau bags.  The average price per bag ranges from $3000. – $5000.

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Glen Lusby

Glen Lusby


We are still excited to share that Glen Lusby Interiors was recognized in the  annual  Luxe interiors + design Magazine  national  GOLD LIST .   The GOLD LIST represents interior designers, architects, builders, and landscape architects who had their projects featured in the”Home Features” editorial section of the Luxe interiors + design Magazine. Luxe will feature the GOLD LIST annually in the summer edition of their magazine.   You can see  the Luxe article featuring our work on this Geneva Lake Home with interior photos and information  about  furnishings on the second page of our website just  click  on ( LUXE MAGAZINE GOLD LIST ) , then click on the Luxe Magazine icon on the second half of the page.  Please feel free to contact us about our interior design services at 773 761 6950.

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