ASM Agency Facebook LogoPlease join Ada S McKinley Community Services on Wednesday, May 1, 2013 – 11:30 am at the University Club of Chicago located at 76 E. Monroe St., Chicago, IL 60603.   We will honor distinguished Chicago leaders and celebrate over 4 decades of actualizing students futures as college graduates and successful citizens through the McKinley College Preparation & Placement Program.  This years McKinley Gold Medallion for Excellence in Education award will honor Cheryl L. Hyman, Chancellor of City Colleges of Chicago along with Medallion awards for Alumni Leadership & Student Achievement.  Your support of this program is even more critical today than it was just a few days ago when the Chicago Public Schools announced drastic cutbacks and school closures.

Please support us by taking a Sponsorship, Purchasing Tickets or simply making a donation to the MAKING COLLEGE LUNCHEON.

This program was started by the late Silas Purnell in 1967. McKinley’s College Preparation & Placement Program has made it possible for more than 50,000 low income high school students to attend some 400 colleges and universities around the nation.

Making college real supports McKinley’s 93 year old mission of serving those, who because of disabilities or other limiting conditions, need help in finding and pursuing paths leading to a healthy, productive and fulfilling lives.   You can become a Guardian of the Path to Independence by supporting our programs with your generous gift.

We are also looking for Alumni of Ada McKinley programs and asking them to join our Ada McKinley Alumni Club on Facebook & LinkedIn.      

You can also see our website for Ada S McKinley Community Services  and find us on Facebook.

Glen Lusby

Glen Lusby

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